Learn to Landscape Your Yard in South Africa


Planning and building a new landscape for your yard is a wonderful Do It Yourself Project that has as many options as you have ideas. A landscape project allows you to create something that is your own, providing beauty, sanctuary and satisfaction for years to come.

In this short article, we will provide some tips on landscaping design and implementation for your project in South Africa.

Basics of Landscape Design and Implementation

The foundation for your landscape design will be what you want to create. What theme you want to portray, and what suits your lot. Do you wish to enjoy an oasis, a riverbank, or a desert in your backyard?

Decide your theme and you are ready for the next step in the landscaping design and implementation for your project.

The Layout for Your Landscape Design

Sunflower Landscape

The layout will provide the blueprint for your landscaping design. The most important part is having a scale plan of your yard, and from there, play with sketches of what you have decided as your theme.

As well, a very helpful trick for your landscaping design and implementation is to have scale-sized pieces of the major parts you will have in your design. You can then move these around on your plan to come up with a layout that is pleasing to your eye.

Once you have the pieces where you want them, just trace the pieces onto your paper, and you will have completed a significant step in the landscaping design and implementation of your project.



Now comes the heavy lifting, and the opportunity to decide what you are going to lift, and what you may do to hire for the heavy lifting and work.

The building is where the hard work comes in, and bringing in help accomplishes two goals:

1. There is a danger factor involved in the heavy lifting, and having help can leave that work to others who are more able to do that job.

2. Having help will allow you to complete your project promptly. Help is always handy, and it will enable you to enjoy the fruits of your labour much faster.


Landscaping design and implementation in South Africa can provide you with the oasis you have always dreamed about. Carrying out a landscaping design and implementation project can bring a tremendous satisfaction, and follow the simple steps above to bring your landscaping design and implementation project to life.