garden-ideas-freshomeIf you are looking for inspiration in garden designs, you have come to the right place. This post gathers quite a few landscaping ideas that can get you started in planning the garden you’ve always dreamed about. Read more: here

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South Africa’s climate is really great for gardening, but you still need to make some effort in order to keep your place green and good-looking. Here are some of the most important aspects of garden maintenance you need to know:

The first step to having a healthy garden is to be careful with the plans you are buying. There are a number of books and articles that can help you choose the best plants the climate in your region, and also describe to you what to avoid.

Take care of the soil


The soil is the basis of your garden, so you really need to take care of it. Try to keep a good pH, choose the best fertilizers for the plants you’re growing (we recommend using organic ones) and don’t forget to check the soil regularly in case changes are needed.

Be careful with watering

Watering is, of course, very important in garden maintenance, so be sure to spare enough time for this part of the process. You need to understand the exact amounts of water your plants need, and adjust to it for optimal results. Too much can be as dangerous as too little!


Bugs can really ruin your garden, if you don’t take measures. Always keep an eye on your plants, since various bugs can destroy your garden rapidly with the diseases they are carrying.…

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Planning and building a new landscape for your yard is a wonderful Do It Yourself Project that has as many options as you have ideas. A landscape project allows you to create something that is your own, providing beauty, sanctuary and satisfaction for years to come.

In this short article, we will provide some tips on landscaping design and implementation for your project in South Africa.

Basics of Landscape Design and Implementation

The foundation for your landscape design will be what you want to create. What theme you want to portray, and what suits your lot. Do you wish to enjoy an oasis, a riverbank, or a desert in your backyard?

Decide your theme and you are ready for the next step in the landscaping design and implementation for your project.

The Layout for Your Landscape Design

Sunflower Landscape

The layout will provide the blueprint for your landscaping design. The most important part is having a scale plan of your yard, and from there, play with sketches of what you have decided as your theme.

As well, a very helpful trick for your landscaping design and implementation is to have scale-sized pieces of the major parts you will have in your design. You can then move these around on your plan to come up with a layout that is pleasing to your eye.

Once you have the pieces where you want them, just trace the pieces onto your paper, and you will have completed a significant step in the landscaping design and implementation of your project.



Now comes the heavy lifting, and the opportunity to decide what you are going to lift, and what you may do to hire for the heavy lifting and work.

The building is where the hard work comes in, and bringing in help accomplishes two goals:

1. There is a danger factor involved in the heavy lifting, and having help can leave that work to others who are more able to do that job.

2. Having help will allow you to complete your project promptly. Help is always handy, and it will enable you to enjoy the fruits of your labour much faster.


Landscaping design and implementation in South Africa can provide you with the oasis you have always dreamed about. Carrying out a landscaping design and implementation project can bring a tremendous satisfaction, and follow the simple steps above to bring your landscaping design and implementation project to life.

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Painting at any time is something that I can do without, but my wife loves it. She finds it exciting to plan, to pick the colours and the textures, and doing a lot of the work. For her, there is the satisfaction of Doing It Yourself.

I do, though, draw the line at the painting that could best be done by a contractor. Check out these from ZAPC Johannesburg for more painting solutions and ideas. Recently, with our landscaping project, discussing all these issues and coming up with good and agreeable solutions, was just about as much fun as now sitting down and enjoying the handy work.

A Complete Makeover


Our yard has had a complete makeover, with new driveway, fencing, gardens and pathways, sod grass, an updated swimming pool, we added some new water features, and even updated the patio, and included some new furniture.

Following, I provide some information on the painting that may help you in the planning, design and implementation of your landscape project, and before you start, do remember to take those before photos as a memento of all your hard work.

The Driveway

Our previous driveway was gravel and dirt, and there was not much discussion on having it paved. My wife wanted stones to form a border for her plants, and our commercial paving contractor was more than agreeable to setting them right. Following my wife did prep the stones with a good masonry cleaner and they are now painted with excellent quality masonry paint

The Pathways

With the makeover, we decided to replace the grass and put in new pathways. I drew the line at lifting and placing the heavy stuff, and we were glad to have the landscapers give us a hand with a lot of the backyard work.

The Fencing


Fencing can do a lot to curb appeal and the value of your home. Colour can make a big difference, as well as, can the type of fence. As we wanted privacy, and with the city by-laws allowing fencing to be 2.44 meters in height, we decided on a full makeover. A fencing contractor was brought in to do the job right, and the decision was to use an oil stain to finish off our new wooden fence.

The wood did not require any preparation, but that is something always to be aware of when using a stain. For longevity, you wanted the stain to penetrate, and for good measure, we went with two coats of differing colors for the two sides.

The Swimming Pool

Here comes the huge job. Painting the pool. My wife quickly agreed that this job was bigger than the two of us, so in came the specialty painting company. We knew the cost would be higher than doing it yourself, but to have the job done right was every Rand worth it.

Here are the steps that we ensured were followed in our contract:

Contractor confirmed the type of paint that was already on the pool structure so that we could guarantee the same kind was applied.

1. The pool was pressure washed and scrubbed to remove any loose paint.

2. The whole of the pool area was washed cleaned with an acid wash containing a mixture of 50% muriatic acid and 50% water, followed by a good water rinsing.

3. The pool was cleaned again with tri-sodium phosphate (TSP). This step is necessary to remove any remnants of acid and grease, and lastly, the pool was rinsed again with water.

4. After three days to completely dry, the pool was painted and let to sit to dry per the manufacturer’s specifications. Do not be in a hurry to fill the new beautiful pool with water, as the drying time is required to ensure proper adhesion.

5. The last step was turn on the water, balance the pool chemicals, and the pool was ready for full-blown use.

The Patio

Our patio is cement, and it was prep the cement per the manufacturer’s instructions, and basically, we followed the same steps as was done for our pool.

The Furniture

The furniture was a project my wife could take on, wire brushing all the metal and then spray-painting to get a smooth finish.



The heavy work is done, and the painting is complete, and my wife and I are both happy with the contractor help we received, even though we know we could have probably done it yourself.

The additional cost was our security of getting the job done right and safely, and was not a bad price to pay. And now, we have our backyard lawn service and maintenance company to keep it just the way we like it.

We would rather spend out time enjoying the handy work, rather than spending the time to keep it looking new. That is the job now for our backyard lawn service and maintenance company.…

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