Chad Metal Disc Valve

Product NameChad Metal Disc Valve
MaterialPlastic,ABS,PVC or other material
ColorWhite or custom color
StandardChina standard
PackagingStandard packaging
  • NELDISC Metal seated high performance triple eccentric

    ple eccentric disc valves. The actuators and instrumentation to be used with series LW and LG valves are also discussed briefly. Refer to the separate actuator and control equip-ment instruction manuals for further information. 1.2 Valve description Neldisc series LW are wafer type and series LG are lug type metal seated triple eccentric disc

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  • butterfly valves | metal seated butterfly valve, Series 74

    PTFE Seated Butterfly Valves Series 74/75 Metal Seated Butterfly Valves Series 76/77 High Performance Butterfly Valves Series 78 Torque Seated Triple Offset Butterfly Valves Series 79 Industrial Flanged Butterfly Valves Series 84/85 Commercial Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves Series 86/87 Oilfield Butterfly Valves Series 10 Handles

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  • Types of Butterfly Valves (API 609) - Projectmaterials

    The key component of a butterfly valve is the disc, a metal ring which is positioned at the centerline of the pipe and connected to an external actuator (manual level or actuator) via a rod. Compared to a ball valve, the disc of a butterfly valve is always in contact with the fluid conveyed by the pipeline and creates, therefore, a pressure drop.

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  • Airmaster | Disc Valve | HVAC Ceiling Diffuser | Jet

    Disc valves are used as an alternative to ceiling diffuser. They are most commonly used for the purpose of ventilation. The air flow through the disk valve can be adjusted by rotating the disc clockwise or anticlockwise. The rotation changes the free area between the disc and the frame.

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  • Gate Valve Types, Construction, Applications and

    Furthermore, high-flow velocity in partially opened valves may cause erosion of the discs and seating surfaces. Vibration may also result in chattering of the partially opened valve disc. An exception to the above are specially designed gate valves that are used for low-velocity throttling; for example, guillotine gate valves for pulp stock.

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  • How a Ceramic Disc Faucet Works - HomeTips

    A ceramic disc faucet actually has two fire-hardened ceramic discs—an upper one that moves and a fixed lower one. The two discs move against each other in a shearing action, blocking water or allowing it to pass through. The seal between the two discs is watertight because they are polished to near-perfect flatness.

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  • Metal Check Valves - Specialty MFG Co

    The Specialty Mfg. Co. manufactures a diverse line of check valves made of brass, electroless nickel plated brass stainless steel. Designs promote multiple configuration, sizes materials. Browse our website for metal check valves or call @ 651-653-0599 / 800-549-4473 or

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  • Mechanical Heart Valve Replacements Devices

    The first tilting-disc valve that was clinically available was the 'Bjork-Shiley' valve. This valve was introduced in 1969 and there have been some noteworthy design changes since then. A tilting-disc valve has a single, circular occluder that is controlled with a metal strut. These valves have metal rings covered by an ePTFE fabric.

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  • Velan - Products - Securaseal metal-seated ball valves

    One of the most comprehensive valve product lines available from any manufacturer. From the most common application to the most severe, Velan has a solution.

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  • Double disc gate valves | Babcock Valves

    Babcock valve's double disc gate valve detail DOUBLE DISC GATE VALVES Double disc gate valves are a special design of gate valves that improves considerably the performance of the unit. DOUBLE DISC WEDGE ASSEMBLY ADVANTAGES Main advantages of double disc gate valves vs gate valves are: RELIABLE OPERATION The Double Disc Gate Valve has been desig ned to assure reliable operation under the most

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  • Jamesbury® Wafer-Sphere® High-Performance Butterfly Valves

    fly valve combines a special off-center disc with proprietary seat designs and revolution-ary Xtreme® sealing technology to provide you with the tightest-sealing, longest-lasting, lowest-cost alternative to gate valves, as well Gate Valves • Metal wedge and seats are prone to wear and erosion.

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  • Bray: Metal Seated High Performance Butterfly Valves

    Bray McCannalok Metal Seated High Performance Butterfly Valves. The Bray McCannalok Metal Seated Valve has been extensively performance tested in our state-of-the-art technology center and test laboratory. The Inconel® 718 metal seat has been contoured to provide control, strength and flexibility in high temperature applications. The

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  • Butterfly Valve Types - Wafer, Lug, Double Offset and

    The first image is of soft seated fully lined body and disc valve. Second, is a soft seat with metal disk and the third is metal to metal seat type valve. The disk of butterfly valve can be concentric or eccentric with the valve body. Here I have shown three different arrangements of the disk with respect to a center of the valve body.

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  • Introduction Rupture Disc | Pressure Relief | REMBE GmbH

    Rupture discs for pressure relief are round or square, consist of one or more layers, and are either flat or domed. Many rupture discs are equipped with breaking points which are created for example, by means of lasers. These can be simple cuts or even special geometries. This part of the rupture discs is known as the rupture element.

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  • Flowserve TX2

    • The Flowserve TX2 valve has an elliptical sealing system. The sealing surfaces of the valve disc have different angles at all points • The sealing surfaces of an elliptical sealing system are completely in contact at the final position only. Upon opening, all contact points are released immediately from the seat ring.

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  • Gemco Valve quality powder bulk industrial valves

    Gemco Valve's solution for material packing: With a spherical disc or dome valve shape there are no tight cavities for materials to pack and jam-up causing the seat to tear or the operation to cease.

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  • Ceramic Disc Faucets - the Pros and Cons - Kitchen Faucet

    Ceramic Disc Faucets – the Pros and Cons. The annoying rubber washer found in older faucets is becoming a thing of the past. Ceramic disc faucets are much tougher, better able to deal with extreme temperatures, and can go for years without needing repairs or replacing. The ceramic discs also protect the metal of the valve from erosion.

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    METAL-SEATED ROTATING DISC GATE VALVES KENNEDY VALVE AWWA C500 Metal-Seated Gate Valves Meet or Exceed the Requirements of AWWA Standard C500 Size Range Water Working Pressure (psi) Seat Test Pressure (psi) Hydrostatic Shell Test Pressure (psi) *AWWA 3"‐108" 250 Water Works 250 500

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  • Valve - Wikipedia

    A disc or valve member is a movable obstruction inside the stationary body that adjustably restricts flow through the valve. Although traditionally disc-shaped, discs come in various shapes. Depending on the type of valve, a disc can move linearly inside a valve, or rotate on the stem (as in a butterfly valve), or rotate on a hinge or trunnion

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  • Check, Wafer, Split Disc, Butterfly and Foot Valves

    CVXXK Split-disc Check Valve. Split disc wafer check valve with lowest pressure drop • For all water systems • 2” through 20” • Activated at 1/4-1/2 psi • Cast iron body and stainless steel discs • Shortest possible face-to-face

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