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  • Types of Check Valves Their Recommended Applications

    To help you choose the right check valve for your needs, here are a few of the most common types of check valves and their recommended applications. Contact The Valve Experts. Types of Check Valves: Swing Check Valves. Swing check valves feature a simple design complete with a disc attached to a hinge at the top.

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  • Globe Valve Types and Parts - A Complete Guide

    Angle types Globe Valve. Angle globe valve turns the flow direction by 90 degrees without using an elbow and one extra pipe weld. Disk open against the flow. This type of globe valve can be used in the fluctuating flow condition also, as they are capable of handling the slugging effect. Globe Valve Types based on Body Bonnet Connection. Screwed

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  • Bronze swing type check valve BS5154 PN25 Series B, Metal Disk

    Bronze swing type check valve BS5154 PN25 Series B, Metal Disk 1060A Check valve Size Pattern No. Pack 1 Qty Pack 2 Qty Code Barcode 3ULFH H[9$7 1/2" 1060A 1 10 122007 5013866013836 3/4" 1060A 1 10 122008 5013866013843

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  • CRANE Iron Valves

    or other types of shock absorbers to eliminate, as much as possible, increase in pressure due to shock. Iron valves described in this section meet or exceed the MSS SP-82, MSS SP-70, MSS SP-71 and MSS SP-85 specifications for testing. The selection of materials for components of Crane valves is based upon expert metallurgical, engineering,

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  • Butterfly Valve Types - Wafer, Lug, Double Offset and

    Seat Types. Butterfly valves can be metal-to-metal seated, soft seated, or with a fully lined body and disc. The first image is of soft seated fully lined body and disc valve. Second, is a soft seat with metal disk and the third is metal to metal seat type valve.

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  • Types of Butterfly Valves | Garlock

    Types of Butterfly Valves There are 3 main categories of butterfly valves: Rubber-lined, Plastic-lined, and Metal. Garlock does not offer rubber or metal valves, so our main focus will be on plastic-lined valves; however, a lot of the main concepts apply to all 3 types.

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  • Basics | Valves | Products | Kubota Global Site

    Metal seated Ported disc Toothed disc Disc-in-disc Wafer type Emergency shut-off valve Installed at an outlet of a distributing reservoir to prevent loss of stored water or secondary disasters in case of a piping problem. Electrical signal type Mechanical flow sensor type

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  • Roto-Disc Industrial Spherical Valves and Transitions

    Lighter Weight Spherical Valve. Same essential features as the original Roto-Disc® spherical valve with a lighter weight body design; Sanitary Spherical Valve. For food, pharmaceutical powders, spices, flavorings, pigments, dyes or any application where frequent valve cleaning is required; Inflatable Seal Spherical Valve

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  • Ceramic Disc Faucets - the Pros and Cons - Kitchen Faucet

    Ceramic Disc Faucets – the Pros and Cons The annoying rubber washer found in older faucets is becoming a thing of the past. Ceramic disc faucets are much tougher, better able to deal with extreme temperatures, and can go for years without needing repairs or replacing.

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  • Type LVS | TROX South Africa (Pty) Ltd.

    The TROX Type LVS disc valves are suitable for all types of ventilation systems. They have been redesigned and thus satisfy the highest standards for comfort criteria. By rotating the central disc, the air volume flow rate can be changed. This results in changes to acoustic and pressure drop figures.

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  • Artificial heart valve - Wikipedia

    The metal ring holds, by means of two metal supports, a disc that opens when the heart beats to let blood flow through, then closes again to prevent blood flowing backwards. The disc is usually made of an extremely hard carbon material ( pyrolytic carbon ), enabling the valve to function for years without wearing out.

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  • Bike valve types – what you need to know - Evans Cycles

    Home > Advice > Bike valve types – what you need to know. Bike valve types – what you need to know Presta valves are thinner than Schrader valves and made entirely of metal. Any ideas what type of valve this is called and if there is a n adaptor available for it. Reply. Pearce Sampson 22/04/2019.

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  • Shop Brake Proportioning Valves - Free Shipping @ Speedway

    When you hit the brakes, weight is transferred to the front wheels. This causes the rear wheels to lose weight and can often lock up. A brake proportioning valve allows you to adjust the pressure rise in the rear brakes, giving you more control and better performance.

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  • titan ChECk ValVEs

    Titan Flow Control's Check Valves are the preferred choice for achieving automatic shut-off and preventing backflow in piping systems. Titan is committed to maintaining a large inventory of silent check valves, center guided check valves, double disc check valves, and single disc check valves in a variety of types,

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    ball valves, lined plug valves, soft seated gate valves, and butterfly valves can provide a good tight shut off on gas or liquid when new. Hard metal seated valves should normally be selected if the service is other than clean. 2. For high temperature service (> 200°C (390°F)) only metal seated valves should be used. 3.

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  • 9 Types of Industrial Valves - XHVAL Industrial Valve

    While primarily for low pressure uses, high pressure and high temperature applications apply to ball valves with metal seats. Butterfly Valve. Butterfly valve is also part of the quarter turn valve family. What makes butterfly valve distinct from the other valves is the flat to a concave disc that attaches to the valve stem.

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  • The Difference Between a Lug and Wafer Butterfly Valve

    Often made out of cast iron, butterfly valve's name is based from the functionality of its disc. There are a few different types of butterfly valves, however, they fall into two basic types - Lug and Wafer valves. More About Butterfly Valves. Butterfly valves are classified as "quarter-turn" valves. When the metal disk that's part of the valve

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  • List of valves - Wikipedia

    Choke valve, Butterfly valve used to limit air intake in internal combustion engine. Not to be confused with choke valves used in industrial flow control. Clapper valve: a type of check valve used in the Siamese fire appliance to allow only 1 hose to be connected instead of two (the clapper valve blocks the other side from leaking out).

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  • Mechanical Heart Valve Replacements Devices

    The first tilting-disc valve that was clinically available was the 'Bjork-Shiley' valve. This valve was introduced in 1969 and there have been some noteworthy design changes since then. A tilting-disc valve has a single, circular occluder that is controlled with a metal strut. These valves have metal rings covered by an ePTFE fabric.

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  • Valves Questions and Study Guide | Quizlet Flashcards by

    valve characterized by their disc-shaped flow-control element, which pivots from its center. a type of valve mechanism in which the stem of the valve rises along with the gate, disk, or globe when opened. In valves, can cause metal erosion, seat damage, and damage to the flow controlling element.

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  • Check Valve non return valves Flosteer check Valves (NRV)

    Disc Check Valve. Flosteer Disc Check Valves feature a wafer type, compact and rugged cast steel design and are suitable for any process liquid, air, gas, steam etc. Disc check valves are opened by the pressure of fluid and closed through compression spring as soon as flow stops thus preventing reverse flow.

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